Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Magical Moments

A magical Disney moment

My little brother meets Captain Jack Sparrow for the first time. He seems to be slightely hesitant about asking for his autograph - but really, can you blame him?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Disney Broadways Mary Poppins

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Disney's Mary Poppins Broadway show here in Vancouver. It was my delayed Mothers Day gift from my hubby and son and I went with my mother, who shares my strong love of musical theater.

The story is the same for the most part, with a few added songs and changes of scenery for a few scenes. My mother actually found the the stage show flowed better then the movie and felt it was less 'choppy'.The cast was as great as you can expect from any Broadway show, and the woman playing Mary Poppins was fantastic! We had the understudy playing Bert and he blew us away! This guy definitely deserves his own lead role in the future.

I think hands down the best part of the production was the set designs. I have seen 10+ Broadway shows in my life and this is probably number 1 or 2 in my books for sets. The Banks house was incredible, opening and closing right in front of you like a doll house. Everything in the house was magical when Mary Poppins was around. Things would pop up out of suitcases, furniture would break and go back together without being touched and paintings would somehow turn into a bouquet of flowers. I honestly don't know how they did it. Mary Poppins flew with her umbrella several times, and Bert does a tap dance on the ceiling. So entertaining!

The costumes were wonderful and fit the mood of every scene. They reminded me of  the ones from Wicked with the constant flashy brightness. Mary Poppins coats were gorgeous!
If I could describe the show in one word it'd probably be FUN. It's just plain fun! It is a show for all ages and one I'd probably see again if I had the opportunity. And that's high praise.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Magical Moments

A magical Disney Moment

These moments come from Toni, who was 9 years of age in the photos.

Toni is lucky enough to have a trip booked to visit Disneyland & California Adventure this coming fall. Can't wait to hear all about her experiences as she checks out the new Cars Land!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disney Pixars BRAVE

Tonight I went out and saw Brave with pretty much my entire family. Parents, brothers, grandmother... but not my husband. He stayed home with our little one so I could go enjoy (and to be honest... he was perfectly fine with that.)

Overall I really liked the film and would definitely recommend it; especially to those who are Disney lovers to begin with. I'll do a little break down of what I did and didn't like and you can take from it what you will.

- The scenery! It is an absolutely beautiful movie and seeing it in 3D is a MUST.
- The music. Totally fit the movie and got me in the mood. Of course, being of Scottish decent myself I may be biast.
- The 'whisps' Can't really describe what they are to you without you seeing them, but they were really cool.
- Meridas little brothers. They were comical and adorable at the same time.
- Merida herself (of course.) I mean come on, that is one awesome Princess! I found myself thinking how cool it'll be to get a picture with her in Disneyland next trip :)

Didn't like:
- I heard this before and I understand where it comes from now. It almost felt like two different stories in a way. The first half is all about Scotland and how things are done and a tournament to win the princesses hand and then all of a sudden the story totally changes gears. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different.
- The mother 'bear' thing. Yes, I realize this is one of the whole main plots but it just through me for a loop as I hadn't read up on the full story ahead of time. I wish I had known about that so I could have been more prepared. It was all very heartwarming in the end though. I cried!

And I have one thing that fits on both the liked and disliked side and that is that I wanted the story to keep going! I wanted to know what was going to happen to Merida next. Is there a BRAVE 2 in our future?

Guess I'll just have to ask her next time I visit Disney...

Monday, July 2, 2012

My favourite Disney snacks

Whenever I go to a Disney park there are a few 'must have' treats that I enjoy participating in. These are the items that I would highly encourage you to try for yourself.
And yes, these are all junkfood that we probably shouldnt be eating in the first place...

At the top of my list - Disney gummies! I know what you are thinking. Arent they just overpriced gummy bears? No! Not only are they in the shape of multitple Disney characters, but the flavors are better then most gummies I have ever tasted. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Next? Mmm Mickey Ice cream sandwhich. Chocolatey crust and cookies n cream flavor inside. All around tasty goodness.

Also - the Mickey Mouse Lollipops. Yes, they are kind of hard to properly suck on until those giant ears shrink down a bit. But there is just something so fun about walking around the park with one of these.

A Mouse Planet photo

Another recently found love is the Disneyland hot chocolate bought from a street kiosk. Nice sweet chocolate flavor and perfect for sipping during a parade during the colder days at the park.

These are my favourites - what are yours?